UXDesignMan believes in the power of Good Design, and uses the force of the
User Experience to subdue the evil hordes of Bad & Boring Digital Design.
He responds to the far cry of
User Needs, and strikes down on those opposed to
the right for everyone to a
Great Experience.

UXDesignMan is not on and you can't like him on .

When in dire need of a good user experience, call out his name.
Or maybe use  +46 735 233 666   /  martin@uxdesignman.com

The tools of the UX trade, used to fight evil since the dawn of the internet.

His strength can be used in pitches as well as projects of all sizes
(and yes, that includes Mobile).
Some older prototyping & conceptual work, super secret, nothing to see...
Role: UX Designer   Agency: Huge

Other clients include
Swedavia, STF, GANT, TV4, Alfa Laval, Volvo Cars,
Trygg-Hansa, Kelloggs, Volvo group, Mekonomen, KF Fastigheter,
Bravida, Electrolux, First Hotels, Milko, Bruegel

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Percentage of recent projects NOT including a mobile solution

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Sometimes, UXDesignMan walks the city streets like a normal designer.
Then he is known as Martin Johansson, and the city is Stockholm, Sweden.
You can still contact him at  +46 735 233 666   /  martin@uxdesignman.com

And yes, he likes milk.